Alison Payne

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CINEMA is a new editor for manipulating and generating multiple sequence alignments. The program provides both an interface to existing databases of alignments on the Internet and a tool for constructing and modifying alignments locally. It is written in Java, so executable code will run on most major desktop platforms without modification. The(More)
A genetic algorithm has been devised and applied to the problems of molecular similarity, pharmacophore elucidation, and determination of molecular conformation. The algorithm is based on a binary representation of molecular position and conformation. Using the genetic operators, crossover, mutation, and selection near optimum conformations and orientations(More)
A new architecture is presented for a single-chip tuner for digital terrestrial television, based on existing double conversion and direct conversion topologies. The new design forms part of a mixed-signal Digital Video Broadcasting–Terrestrial (DVB-T) receiver system, employing digital signal processing at baseband to ensure minimal performance(More)
The toxicities of 4-hydroperoxycyclophosphamide (4-OOH CY), phosphoramide mustard (PM), melphalan (MEL) and busulphan (BU) have been compared in Chinese hamster cells, V-79-753B. The initial total amount of cross-linking was a determining factor for the clonogenic survival of cells treated with MEL or PM. Although 4-OOH CY generated cross-links in this cell(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of a current-mode phase-locked loop (PLL) using static and dynamic (log-domain) translinear circuits. The loop is fully tuneable, with independent control of center frequency and loop bandwidth. The loop employs a recently proposed current-mode “log-domain” oscillator in a classical PLL topology to obtain(More)
Established cell lines were stained by immunofluorescence with four monoclonal antibodies to study the phenomenon of antigenic heterogeneity and its possible relation to the cell cycle. Five cell lines thought to be of breast origin, MCF-7, ZR-75-1, T47D, MDA-MB-231 and HBL-100, were stained with three monoclonal antibodies (LICR-LON-M8, LICR-LON-M18,(More)
We compared demography of populations along gradients of population density in two medium-sized herbivorous marsupials, the common brushtail possum Trichosurus vulpecula and the rufous bettong Aepyprymnus rufescens, to test for net dispersal from high density populations (acting as sources) to low density populations (sinks). In both species, population(More)
A large meteorological wind tunnel was used to simulate a suburban atmospheric boundary layer. The model-prototype scale was 1:300 and the roughness length was approximately 1.0 m full scale. The model boundary layer simulated full scale dispersion from ground-level and elevated release points over surfaces of comparable roughness length. This information(More)