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OBJECTIVE Despite pregnant women's increased morbidity and mortality from influenza, vaccination rates remain low. This study intended to evaluate barriers to pregnant women's uptake of influenza vaccine. STUDY DESIGN A survey was designed that assessed participant demographics, knowledge, beliefs, attitudes, and general experiences with seasonal and 2009(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS Integrin contact with basement membrane is a major determinant of epithelial cell polarity. beta1 integrin heterodimers are the primary receptors for basement membrane in pancreatic acinar cells, which function to synthesize and directionally secrete digestive enzymes into a central lumen. Aberrant acinar secretion and exposure of the(More)
Ligands of the transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) superfamily play important roles in embryonic patterning and development throughout the animal kingdom. Consequently, extracellular factors that affect ligand stability, mobility, and receptor interaction also have profound effects on development. One such regulator, Follistatin (Fst), functions as(More)
We studied the effects of anti-CD4 treatment of diabetic ACI rats on the induction of tolerance to allogeneic (Lewis) islet allografts. When given as a 4-day treatment regimen, OX38, a mouse anti-rat CD4 antibody, caused depletion of greater than 80% of CD4+ cells from the peripheral blood of treated rats. After induction of diabetes (a single high-dose(More)
In the present report a monoclonal antibody designated OX-38 directed against the rat CD4 molecule was tested for its ability to prolong the survival of heterotopic vascularized rat heart allografts transplanted across major histocompatibility barriers. Fluorescence-activated cell-sorter analysis showed that administration of OX-38 selectively depleted(More)
OBJECTIVES Although numerous studies have demonstrated the safety and benefits of influenza vaccination in pregnancy, vaccination rates of pregnant women have remained low. The objective of this study is to evaluate whether physicians' level of knowledge regarding H1N1 influenza in pregnancy is associated with vaccination frequency among their patients. (More)
New monoclonal antibodies directed to membrane molecules unique to lymphocyte subsets have provided the means to alter the immune response to alloantigens in a more selective fashion. This investigation demonstrates that monoclonal antibody-induced depletion of CD4 helper/inducer T lymphocytes before transplantation of a fully mismatched heart allograft(More)
Experiments were carried out in seven conscious macaque monkeys undergoing a water diuresis to determine the effects of raising carotid blood sodium concentration on renal sodium excretion and free water clearance. On separate days each animal received an intracarotid infusion of hypertonic sodium chloride (90 Eq NaCl/kg·body wt./min) for 5 to 10 min, the(More)
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