Alison N. Novak

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Using the highly anticipated release of the film version of "The Hunger Games" series as a case study, this study explores online fan community practices that employ the technological affordances of Twitter. We examine roleplaying practices that extend the Hunger Games story for roleplayers and fans. We conducted a discourse analysis examining the practices(More)
Political groups on social networking sites enable a new type of collaborative, political discourse among citizens. In this study, we show how political discourse in social media is distinct from prior studies of political groups on the Internet. Specifically, we use network analysis in combination with communication theory to examine conversational social(More)
In this study we focus on the development of jargon within an online community dedicated to a national adult recreational sports league. The complete dataset incorporates 336,642 discussion forum posts contained within 9,559 discussion threads over the course of four years. We analyze one cross cutting discussion dedicated to the development of the(More)
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