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The CANTAB battery of neuropsychological tests was used to compare the performance of 28 patients with unipolar depression with that of 22 age and IQ matched controls. The patients were impaired on almost all tests studied with deficits in pattern and spatial recognition memory, matching to sample, spatial span, spatial working memory and planning. Most of(More)
The psychopathological basis of delusions in schizophrenia is poorly understood. The most enduring of several early theories has suggested a causal link with formal thought disorder, whereas recent approaches have proposed relationships with a variety of cognitive abnormalities. The correlations of delusions with other schizophrenic symptoms and with(More)
BACKGROUND While neuropsychological deficits are recognised to occur in manic-depressive psychosis during episodes of depression and to reverse with clinical recovery, it is uncertain whether they can ever be seen outside episodes of illness. METHOD Forty-five patients meeting DSM-III-R criteria for major depression or bipolar disorder were screened using(More)
Memory is emerging as a key area of neuropsychological deficit in schizophrenia, with evidence suggesting that the impairment is restricted to long-term memory. Semantic memory, the component of long-term memory containing stored representations of the meanings of words and knowledge about the world, was examined in 46 schizophrenic patients and 40 normal(More)
Amongst older adults, recent evidence suggests the most commonly stated reason for non-adoption of digital technologies is a lack of interest, rather than affordability or difficulty. This directly impacts upon the design community, both in terms of technologies we design for such groups to adopt, and the design methods we use for exploiting the untapped(More)
 There is a growing need for engineering graduates to have an appreciation for the issues that must be addressed when working on international collaborative projects. By combining this appreciation with the experience of working in virtual teams, students can develop skills that will enable them to perform effectively in such settings. This paper describes(More)
In this paper we present an evaluation study on project "Virtuous Cycles of Well-Being", aimed at exploring technology-based wound-care services, solutions and products to support older adults in managing wounds more independently. The aim was to evaluate opinion and use of the app by wound care service users. Nine participants were recruited with an(More)