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The study of compound action potentials has not succeeded in determining exact limits to differential block of nerve fibers by local anesthetics. Further observations on individual neurons therefore were undertaken. Rabbit vagus nerve and ganglion were superfused in vitro at 37 degrees C, pH 7.4. Activity evoked by stimulating the distal end of the nerve(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of the present study were to identify the incidence of orofacial injuries found within a cohort of physically abused children, and examine demographic data surrounding the alleged perpetrator, the location in which the alleged assault occurred, the mechanism of injury and the actual orofacial injury incurred. METHODS The research took(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the use of intranasal midazolam in paediatric dental patients requiring extractions or simple surgical procedures who may otherwise have required a general anaesthetic. Twenty children aged between 2-9 years who required simple surgical procedures were given 0.25 mg.kg(-1) midazolam, administered using a MAD (Mucosal(More)
BACKGROUND In 2005 Cairns et al. published a paper ( 2005; 15: 310-318) examining the role of the general dental practitioner (GDP) in child protection (CP) in Scotland. This involved a questionnaire sent out to Scottish GDPs in 2003. Subsequently in 2006 all UK dental practices were sent Child protection and the dental team, a manual detailing roles and(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify from general dental practitioners: undergraduate and postgraduate training experience in child protection; numbers of suspected cases of child physical abuse; reasons for failing to report suspicious cases of child physical abuse; knowledge of local child protection protocols and procedures for referral. MATERIALS AND METHODS Postal(More)
The potential clinical scope of use-dependent block of conduction (UDB) was assessed by studying characteristics of UDB in vitro in individual mammalian axons. Single and repetitive stimulation was applied to rabbit cervical sympathetic and vagus nerves exposed to solutions containing lidocaine 0, 0.3, or 0.6 mmol/l (9.1 or 18.2 mg/dl) at 37 degrees C. Unit(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate, in vitro, the potential dental effects of diluting juices by measuring their acidity levels and to examine the effect dilution has on the potential erosive properties of the drinks. METHODS Four commonly available diluting drinks were assessed for both pH and titratable acidity at a variety of dilutions, reflecting the range of(More)
The excitability of A fibers of peripheral nerves in vitro is more susceptible to depression by energy lack than is excitability of C fibers. Whether there is also a differential vulnerability between small myelinated A delta fibers that conduct fast pain and large myelinated A beta fibers is unclear. We evaluated the relative abilities of A beta and A(More)
This study sought to evaluate the sensitivity of individual, relatively thick myelinated axons of mammalian nerve to equilibrium conduction block by lidocaine, and to compare this to the incidence of conduction block previously measured in individual thinner myelinated axons. The incidence of conduction block by lidocaine 0.3 and 0.6 mM (8.1-16.2 mg/dl) was(More)