Alison Macarthur

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The results of applying the Wartenberg pendulum test to the assessment of muscle tone in populations of stroke and Parkinsonian patients are described. The test was able to distinguish between increased muscle tone of the spastic or rigid type. The Parkinsonian patients showed a marked reduction of the maximum velocity of the leg swing, with the relaxation(More)
BACKGROUND Palpation has been shown to be inaccurate at identifying lumbar interspinous spaces. Our goal in this study was to compare ultrasound imaging of the region to palpation. METHODS Using ultrasound in the postpartum period, we estimated the interspinous level used for obstetric neuraxial anesthesia in 121 women and compared this estimation with(More)
Eleven patients who had received surgical treatment for bullous emphysema had regular assessment of lung function for a minimum of four years (mean 8.8, range 4-20 years). For each patient we estimated the annual rate of change in FEV1 and "relaxed" vital capacity (before and after bronchodilator aerosol) and in carbon monoxide transfer factor (TLCO),(More)
This study provides a comprehensive epidemio-clinical picture of sporadic, domestically acquired cases of amoebiasis, cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis in one Canadian community based on patient symptom, outcome and exposure data from an enhanced surveillance system. It yields valuable data for estimating the burden of those diseases including the proportion(More)
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