Alison M Rhodes

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Forty-seven patients with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis were examined to assess the possible relationship between cerebral atrophy (by computed tomography [CT] ) and performance on neuropsychological tests of memory and verbal intelligence. Nineteen patients were found to have mildly dilated ventricles and another nine patients had moderate to(More)
BACKGROUND More than a third of the approximately 10 million women with histories of interpersonal violence in the United States develop posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Currently available treatments for this population have a high rate of incomplete response, in part because problems in affect and impulse regulation are major obstacles to resolving(More)
BACKGROUND The Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute has adapted a form of Hatha yoga into a trauma-sensitive adjunctive component of intervention for use with complexly traumatized individuals exhibiting chronic affective and somatic dysregulation and associated behavioral, functioning, and health complaints. OBJECTIVES This article explores the(More)
This study examined the equivalence or comparability of the measurement properties of seven selected items measuring posttraumatic growth among self-identified Black (n = 270) and White (n = 707) adult survivors of Hurricane Katrina, using data from the Baseline Survey of the Hurricane Katrina Community Advisory Group Study. Internal consistency reliability(More)
It has previously been reported that prior administration of naloxone may prevent the decrement in performance produced by alcohol. To be clinical value, however, naloxone must be shown to reverse rather than prevent this decrement. This study examined the effect of naloxone given after consumption of alcohol. A double blind balanced crossover protocol was(More)
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