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Multi-atlas segmentation has been widely applied in medical image analysis. This technique relies on image registration to transfer segmentation labels from pre-labeled atlases to a novel target image and applies label fusion to reduce errors produced by registration-based label transfer. To improve the performance of registration-based label transfer(More)
Deformable modeling with medial axis representation is a useful means of segmenting and parametrically describing the shape of anatomical structures in medical images. Continuous medial representation (cm-rep) is a "skeleton-first" approach to deformable medial modeling that explicitly parameterizes an object's medial axis and derives the object's boundary(More)
The aortic valve has been described with variable anatomical definitions, and the consistency of 2D manual measurement of valve dimensions in medical image data has been questionable. Given the importance of image-based morphological assessment in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of aortic valve disease, there is considerable need to develop a(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated the use of ultrasound image analysis in quantifying temperature changes in tissue, both ex vivo and in vivo, undergoing local hyperthermia. METHODS Temperature estimation is based on the thermal dependence of the acoustic speed in a heated medium. Because standard beam-forming algorithms on clinical ultrasound scanners(More)
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