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There is a growing body of literature considering genetic counselling services in a variety of clinical settings. This literature encompasses both predictive and diagnostic testing, from the viewpoints of service providers and recipients. It also embraces a wide range of conceptions of the nature and goals of genetic counselling. However, research in this(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyse the structure of small animal consultations in order to increase understanding of the consultation processes, locate decision-making in the wider practice context and stimulate further research. METHODS Analysis of 48 video-recorded consultations from first opinion small animal practices. These consultations were time and(More)
In recent years, qualitative research has become much more widely used in healthcare settings and undoubtedly has much to offer nutrition and dietetics. Its value is, however, still sometimes called into question and, for those unfamiliar with qualitative approaches, it can be difficult to grasp what distinguishes 'good' qualitative research from that which(More)
Doctor/patient interaction has been the object of various reform efforts in Western countries since the 1960s. It has consistently been depicted as enacting relationships of dominance or oppression. Most younger medical practitioners have received interaction skills training during their professional education, intended to encourage more equal forms of(More)
OBJECTIVE This study explored communication between pharmacists and patients through application of the Calgary-Cambridge guide [1] to appointment-based pharmacist-patient consultations and considers use of the guide in pharmacy education. METHODS Eighteen patients attending appointment-based consultations with five pharmacists were recruited to this(More)
There now exists a considerable body of sociological work examining antenatal screening for fetal abnormalities. A common theme emerging from this literature is that pregnant women report not feeling able to exercise choice freely, experiencing constraints both from medical professionals and their perceived expectations of the sociocultures in which they(More)
OBJECTIVE to investigate the relationship between information giving by midwives and decision-making by women offered nuchal translucency (NT) screening. To establish how risk figures are discussed in practice, with the intention of relating this to the existing, and often critical, literature on women's accounts of antenatal screening. DESIGN a(More)
'Patient counselling' by pharmacists is a diverse and ill-defined activity. It is also an activity which is achieving more prominence as part of the 'extended role' which is seen as the way forward for the profession. This paper uses data from a hospital paediatric outpatient clinic in the United Kingdom to examine the process of patient counselling from a(More)
Policies and practices around antenatal screening services have long been the subject of debate in a sociological context. However, existing research has largely overlooked the way in which the policies and practices that underpin antenatal screening services are enacted through talk between pregnant women and their health professionals. This paper focuses(More)