Alison M Hoens

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In September 2010, the first International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium (ISTS) was held in Umeå, Sweden, to establish a forum for original scientific and clinical insights in this growing field of clinical research and practice. The second ISTS was organised by the same group and held in Vancouver, Canada, in September 2012. This symposium was preceded(More)
BACKGROUND The application of technologies, such as video gaming and social media for rehabilitation, is garnering interest in the medical field. However, little research has examined clinicians' perspectives regarding technology adoption by their clients. OBJECTIVE The objective of our study was to explore therapists' perceptions of how young people and(More)
INTRODUCTION The prescription of physical activity for hospitalized patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (AECOPD) can be complicated by the presence of comorbidities. The current research aimed to synthesize the relevant literature on the benefits of exercise for people with multimorbidities who experience an AECOPD, and(More)
Knowledge brokering is a strategy to support collaborations and partnerships within and across clinical, research, and policy worlds to improve the generation and use of research knowledge. Knowledge brokers function in multiple roles to facilitate the use of evidence by leveraging the power of these partnerships. The application of theory can provide(More)
Performance Measure (Also known as unipedal/single limb/ one leg stance/balance) Considerations Which type of TJA is it appropriate for? THA and TKA What part of the TJA continuum is it appropriate for? Pre-op Post-acute 1 Active Living What domain(s) does it measure within the ICF? Body function Who completes it? Patient and clinician What does it measure?(More)
A Kin-Corn dynamometer was used to evaluate trunk extensor and flexor strength in 11 elite female field hockey players. Average torques during maximal concentric and eccentric muscle actions through a range of movement from 25° of extension to 30° of flexion were measured at angular velocities of 30°.s(-1) and 60°.s(-1). Strength curve shape, average torque(More)
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