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We investigated whether the attractive facial traits of averageness and symmetry signal health, examining two aspects of signalling: whether these traits are perceived as healthy, and whether they provide accurate health information. In Study 1, we used morphing techniques to alter the averageness and symmetry of individual faces. Increases in both traits(More)
Young infants prefer to look at faces that adults find attractive, suggesting a biological basis for some face preferences. However, the basis for infant preferences is not known. Adults find average and symmetric faces attractive. We examined whether 5-8-month-old infants discriminate between different levels of averageness and symmetry in faces, and(More)
Overview How can young children's perspectives become the focus for an exchange of meanings between children, practitioners, parents and researchers? In this chapter, Alison Clark explores how the Mosaic approach provides a way of facilitating such exchanges. Starting from the viewpoint of young children as competent meaning makers and explorers of their(More)
How can the perspectives, insights and interests of young children, under 6 years-old, be given status in processes of change? This paper will examine the contribution participatory and visual methods can make to enabling young children to document their experiences and to facilitate exchange with adults. Examples will be drawn from three research studies(More)
Language researchers and designers have extended a wide variety of type systems to support gradual typing, which enables languages to seamlessly combine dynamic and static checking. These efforts consistently demonstrate that designing a satisfactory gradual counterpart to a static type system is challenging, and this challenge only increases with the(More)
The views expressed in this report are the authors' and do not necessarily reflect those of the Department for Education and Skills. Acknowledgement We would like to thank the children and practitioners in England and Denmark who enabled us to visit, discuss and reflect on their practice. We are grateful to our international reviewers, Dr. Hanne Warming(More)
Young Children's Voices Network is a national project promoting listening within the early years. The network supports local authorities in developing good practice in listening to young children, so that young children's views may inform policy and improve early childhood services. Local authorities across the country have established local networks that(More)
Taking 'The psychology of the transference' (Jung 1946) and 'Problems of modern psychotherapy' (Jung 1931) as its text, this paper begins by challenging the usefulness of the term 'transcendent function' in contemporary debate about the nature of 'imagination and psychic transformation in analysis'. It argues that Jung's language in The Practice of(More)
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