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The controversial practice of Daily Life Therapy, as demonstrated at the Boston Higashi School in Massachusetts, is reviewed. Five fundamental principles of Daily Life Therapy are examined: instruction that is group-oriented; routine activities that are highly structured; instructional techniques that center on learning through imitation; a method for(More)
These observational data reflect the school's emphasis in its first few years. Through sharing these results with colleagues at the school and others familiar with the curriculum, additional informal validity was achieved. From this study, it stands out that several important areas of Daily Life Therapy are worthy of greater attention. There is a need to(More)
E XPLOSIVE growth in the integration of a variety of sensors in mobile devices is currently underway and is rapidly dawning into the next revolution in hardware devices. The annually held IEEE SENSORS Conference and the IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL are now established as a premier meeting and technical publication in this area with worldwide participation by(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate whether a standard Resuscitation Council (UK) ALS course is appropriate for primary care dentists or whether a course should be specifically designed for dentists. DESIGN Opinions canvassed by pre-course expectation and post-course evaluation questionnaires. SUBJECTS 23 West Pennine primary care dentists providing a general(More)
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