Alison L Jack

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The tissue bank at Peterborough Hospitals NHS Trust provides a legal, ethical, and safe supply of human tissue mainly to the commercial biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors. A trained research nurse interviews surgical patients, and, with consent, tissue surplus to diagnostic needs is collected and supplied to clients. 2 We expected that commercial use of(More)
The Tissue Acquisition Unit at Peterborough has an established service for collecting cadaveric human tissue for research. A one-year, on-going, in-house review was undertaken to evaluate the cost- and time-effectiveness of the service. The review identified referrals that failed to result in post mortem tissue retrieval. Only 28.6% of potential donors(More)
Patients with chronic kidney disease are at increased risk of tuberculosis. We describe the events that occurred when we encountered a patient receiving haemodialysis with pulmonary tuberculosis. Nine (of 41) patients dialysing at the same time as the index case had a positive interferon-gamma release assay (IGRA) and were offered therapy for latent(More)
The Peterborough Hospital Human Tissue Bank, based in the Cellular Pathology Department of the District Hospital, has been successful in supplying commercial biomedical companies with human tissue for research purposes. Tissue is obtained from routine surgical specimens sent to the laboratory for diagnostic testing and from cadaveric donors examined in the(More)
This paper investigates home baking as an instance of ‘craft consumption’ (Campbell, 2005) against the backdrop of rising participation in the phenomenon of home baking and the increasing importance of emotion in consumption defined as the ‘Rebirth of Romanticism’ movement (Gray, 2011). Phenomenological interviews conducted with a sample of 14 home bakers(More)
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