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The Meaning of Soslovie
National Cuisine and Nationalist Politics: V. F. Odoevskii and “Doctor Puf,” 1844–45
When the publishers of the generally progressive Literaturnaia gazeta began to publish a weekly "economic" supplement, Zapiski dlia khaziaev (Notes for Proprietors), they sought to answer a growing
For the Common Good and Their Own Well-Being: Social Estates in Imperial Russia
Contents Preface and Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1: The Meaning of Soslovie Chapter 2: Legal Standards and Administrative Reality: Local Interests and Central Ideals in the 18th Century
Recipes for Russia: Food and Nationhood under the Tsars
Smith examines changing attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs about the production and consumption of food in Russia from the late 18th century through the mid 19th century. She focuses on the way that
Honored Citizens and the Creation of a Middle Class in Imperial Russia
In 1832, an imperial manifesto established a new social estate (soslovie) of “honored citizens.” The new status was granted to successful merchants, professionals, and artists, and gave them
Soslovnoe obshchestvo Rossiiskoi imperii (XVIII–nachalo XX veka) by Natal´ia Anatol´evna Ivanova and Valentina Pavlovna Zheltova (review)
Natal'ia Anatol'evna Ivanova and Valentina Pavlovna Zheltova, Soslovnoe obshchestvo Rossiiskoi imperii (XVIII-nachalo XX veka) (Soslovie Society of the Russian Empire [18th-Early 19th Centuries]).