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Bicyclic furano pyrimidine nucleosides have been found to be highly potent and selective inhibitors of varicella zoster virus (VZV). They are inactive against herpes simplex virus and have been known for several decades as (unwanted) synthetic by-products in the Pd-catalysed coupling of acetylenes to 5-iodo nucleosides. These fluorescent bicyclic(More)
Information on non-native species (NNS) is often scattered among a multitude of sources, such as regional and national databases, peer-reviewed and grey literature, unpublished research projects, institutional datasets and with taxonomic experts. Here we report on the development of a database designed for the collation of information in Britain. The(More)
Bicyclic furano pyrimidines have been previously reported by us to be highly potent and selective inhibitors of varicella zoster virus (VZV). p-Alkyl phenyl analogues are particularly potent with EC50 values below 1 nM. In this article we report the synthesis and anti-VZV activity of a series of halophenyl analogues, with variation in the nature (F, Cl, Br)(More)
CASE SUMMARY An 18-month-old, female spayed, Australian Mist cat presented with a 24 h history of muscle tremors and inappetence progressing to collapse with generalised muscle fasciculations. The cat was diagnosed with a hypochloraemic metabolic alkalosis due to a duodenal foreign body found to be a trichobezoar at coeliotomy. The cat made a complete(More)
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