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PURPOSE TAnDEM is the first randomized phase III study to combine a hormonal agent and trastuzumab without chemotherapy as treatment for human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2)/hormone receptor-copositive metastatic breast cancer (MBC). PATIENTS AND METHODS Postmenopausal women with HER2/hormone receptor-copositive MBC were randomly assigned to(More)
The epidemic character of community-associated methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, especially the geographically widespread clone USA300, is poorly understood. USA300 isolates carry a type IV staphylococcal chromosomal cassette mec (SCCmec) element conferring beta-lactam antibiotic class resistance and a putative pathogenicity island, arginine(More)
PURPOSE Patients with metastatic breast cancer who are pretreated with anthracyclines frequently receive taxane-based combinations. This phase III study compared the efficacy and safety of gemcitabine-docetaxel (GD) with capecitabine-docetaxel (CD) in advanced breast cancer. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients were randomly assigned to GD (G 1,000 mg/m(2) days(More)
During development of the central nervous system, the transition from progenitor maintenance to differentiation is directly triggered by a lengthening of the cell cycle that occurs as development progresses. However, the mechanistic basis of this regulation is unknown. The proneural transcription factor Neurogenin 2 (Ngn2) acts as a master regulator of(More)
Inhibitory interneurons play important roles in neuronal circuits, but the synaptic mechanisms that regulate excitatory input onto interneurons remain to be fully understood. We show that ATP-gated presynaptic P2X2 channels facilitate excitatory transmission onto stratum radiatum interneurons but not onto CA1 pyramidal neurons. ATP released endogenously(More)
One of the principle ways in which reef building corals are likely to cope with a warmer climate is by changing to more thermally tolerant endosymbiotic algae (zooxanthellae) genotypes. It is highly likely that hosting a more heat-tolerant algal genotype will be accompanied by tradeoffs in the physiology of the coral. To better understand one of these(More)
In response to the growing awareness of the need to convey distressing information effectively, four workshops were held for doctors across Britain with the aim of improving skills, knowledge and attitudes. From the unexpectedly large response of 441 nominations, 20 participants were selected for each workshop. Participants identified four major concerns:(More)
Acknowledgements The research team would like to acknowledge the significant input made to this project by several colleagues at NFER. Sincere thanks are due to the staff of the NFER Library, particularly Lynne Harris, Alison Jones and Chris Taylor. Special thanks are also due to the Project Secretary, Susan Stoddart, who finalised the report and provided(More)
search Council of Canada. We are grateful to the students and professors for their cooperation and participation and to three anonymous reviewers for their insightful comments on an earlier draft of this article. The purpose of the present study was to explore the influence of individual and contextual factors on students' assessments of their own(More)
BACKGROUND Common variable immunodeficiency (CVID) is an antibody deficiency with an equal sex distribution and a high variability in clinical presentation. The main features include respiratory tract infections and their associated complications, enteropathy, autoimmunity, and lymphoproliferative disorders. OBJECTIVE This study analyzes the clinical(More)