Alison Hawkins

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Mid-latitude peatlands with a temperate climate are sparsely studied and as such represent a gap in the current knowledge base regarding archaeal populations present and their roles in these environments. Phylogenetic analysis of the archaeal populations among three peatlands in the Southern Appalachians reveal not only methanogenic species but also(More)
A new chemoselective reductive nitro-Mannich cyclization reaction sequence of nitroalkyl-tethered lactams has been developed. Relying on the rapid and chemoselective iridium(I)-catalyzed reduction of lactams to the corresponding enamine, subsequent nitro-Mannich cyclization of tethered nitroalkyl functionality provides direct access to important alkaloid(More)
The enantioselective synthesis of heavily decorated spirolactams has been accomplished via an arylative or vinylative allene carbocyclisation cascade. Mediated by silver phosphate, a range of allene-linked pro-nucleophiles and aryl or vinyl iodides were reacted in the presence of catalytic Pd(OAc)2 and chiral bis(oxazoline) ligands to afford the spirolactam(More)
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