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BACKGROUND Despite improvements in maternity healthcare services over the last few decades, more than 2.7 million babies worldwide are stillborn each year. The global health agenda is silent about stillbirth, perhaps, in part, because its wider impact has not been systematically analysed or understood before now across the world. Our study aimed to(More)
BACKGROUND 2.7 million babies were stillborn in 2015 worldwide; behind these statistics lie the experiences of bereaved parents. The first Lancet series on stillbirth in 2011 described stillbirth as one of the "most shamefully neglected" areas of public health, recommended improving interaction between families and frontline caregivers and made a plea for(More)
Occupational stress in nursing has been a popular topic for investigation. In particular, comparisons between practice areas such as the intensive care unit (ICU) and medical-surgical unit have attempted to identify what factors are stressful, and whether some nursing environments are more stressful than others. Such studies have led to inconclusive(More)
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