Alison Elizabeth Hogg

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We report the effect of UVA irradiation on collagen metabolism of fibroblasts, including both synthesis of the collagen degrading enzyme collagenase and de novo synthesis of type I collagen as the major structural component of the dermis. For this purpose confluent fibroblast monolayers were irradiated under standardized conditions (5, 15, 35, 60 J/cm2(More)
The efficacy of cancer gene therapy depends critically on "bystander effects" by which genetic modification of tumor cells results in killing of unmodified cells in the local microenvironment. In gene-dependent enzyme-prodrug therapy, expression of a prodrug-activating suicide gene is used to generate a cytotoxic metabolite that diffuses to nontransduced(More)
In order to identify likely sites of action in insulin in rat brain we have used the technique of in vitro autoradiography and computerized densitometry to map, characterize, and quantify its receptors in coronal and sagittal sections. A discrete and characteristic distribution of insulin receptor binding was demonstrated, with specific binding representing(More)
Tirapazamine (TPZ), a bioreductive drug with selective toxicity for hypoxic cells in tumors, is currently in Phase III clinical trials. It has been suggested to have a dual mechanism of action, both generating DNA radicals and oxidizing these radicals to form DNA breaks; whether the second (radical oxidation) step is rate-limiting in cells is not known. In(More)
Recent evidence has demonstrated regional synthesis of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) in rat brain, which is also known to contain widespread specific type I IGF receptors. In order to precisely define sites of IGF-I mRNA synthesis, and their relationship to IGF-I receptor sites, we have applied the techniques of in situ hybridization and in vitro(More)
We have previously reported that Leishmania braziliensis infection can activate murine dendritic cells (DCs) and upregulate signaling pathways that are essential for the initiation of innate immunity. However, it remains unclear whether Toll-like receptors (TLRs) are involved in L. braziliensis-mediated DC activation. To address this issue, we generated(More)
Here, we show that interleukin-1 (IL-1) enhances antigen-driven CD8 T cell responses. When administered to recipients of OT-I T cell receptor transgenic CD8 T cells specific for an ovalbumin (OVA) peptide, IL-1 results in an increase in the numbers of wild-type but not IL1R1(-/-) OT-I cells, particularly in spleen, liver, and lung, upon immunization with(More)
PURPOSE Tirapazamine (TPZ) has attractive features for targeting hypoxic cells in tumors but has limited clinical activity, in part because of poor extravascular penetration. Here, we identify improved TPZ analogues by using a spatially resolved pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic (SR-PKPD) model that considers tissue penetration explicitly during lead(More)
Tuberculosis (TB) remains a worldwide leading cause of death among infectious diseases. Development of safer and more efficacious vaccines requires a basic understanding of the protective mechanisms induced by BCG. Here we show that vaccination of cattle with BCG induces CD8+gamma/deltaTCR-CD45RO+ T-cells that can produce IFN-gamma, up-regulate(More)