Alison D. Sheridan

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Transcriptional programs that initiate and sustain the proliferation, differentiation and survival of CD8+ T cells during immune responses are not completely understood. Here we show that inhibitor of DNA binding 2 (Id2), an antagonist of E protein transcription factors, was upregulated in CD8+ T cells during infection and that expression of Id2 was(More)
During infection, naive CD8+ T cells differentiate into effector cells, which are armed to eliminate pathogens, and memory cells, which are poised to protect against reinfection. The transcriptional program that regulates terminal differentiation into short-lived effector-memory versus long-lived memory cells is not clearly defined. Through the use of mice(More)
Brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery may show delayed enlargement on post-treatment imaging that is of ambiguous etiology. Histopathologic interpretation of brain specimens is often challenging due to the presence of significant radiation effects admixed with irradiated residual tumor of indeterminate viability. The purpose of this study(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to determine the frequency of clinically significant cancer (CSC) in Prostate Imaging Reporting and Data System (PI-RADS) category 3 (equivocal) lesions prospectively identified on multiparametric prostate MRI and to identify risk factors (RFs) for CSC that may aid in decision making. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between(More)
The viral etiology of mesenteric lymphadenitis may also affect the lymphoid tissue of the appendix in children giving rise to symptomatic appendiceal lymphoid hyperplasia, the so-called "pink appendix." The present study used ultrasound (US) to determine if certain sonographic features correlated with appendiceal pathological findings. Our results indicate(More)
OBJECTIVE Hydrogel spacers have a novel role in the treatment of low- and intermediate-risk prostate cancer with dose-escalated radiation therapy. Given the growing number of patients undergoing treatment with radiation therapy, the use of hydrogel spacers is expected to increase. The purpose of this article is to review what a radiologist needs to know(More)
Australia has implemented a through-chain regulatory framework to address animal welfare issues in the livestock export trade. The framework places the responsibility for ensuring that the welfare of exported animals meets internationally accepted standards on those who hold the licences issued for the export of Australian livestock. It applies to all(More)
We present two recent cases of toddlers who developed malignant cerebellar edema subsequent to accidental ingestion of prescription opioids. Both children presented acute neurological decline, hydrocephalus, and tonsillar herniation requiring emergent ventricular drain placement, suboccipital craniectomy, and partial cerebellectomy. Together with several(More)
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