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BACKGROUND The authors present a clinicopathological report of their initial experience with perfluorohexyloctane (F6H8), a novel semifluorinated liquid fluorocarbon developed as a long-term vitreous substitute. METHODS A retrospective observational review was performed of five patients in whom F6H8 had been used for management of rhegmatogenous retinal(More)
Racial differences in the incidence and rate of rupture of intracranial aneurysms are well recognized. A retrospective study of racial differences between Maori and European New Zealanders presenting to the Auckland Regional Neurosurgical Unit between 1985 and 1990 was conducted. It was found that the incidence per 100,000 of the population for all(More)
  • A D Cluroe
  • 1995
In 1992, Lee and Opeskin published an article on the little-recognized problem of death related to multiple superficial soft-tissue injuries following an assault. These deaths resulted from an acute assault and were restricted to young aboriginal women with a history of alcoholism. Presented here is a similar case occurring in a 22-year-old Polynesian(More)
To determine the incidence of bronchial gland duct ectasia in fatal asthma and its association with interstitial emphysema, the histological features of 72 patients in whom death was considered to be due to asthma, and 72 matched control subjects in whom sudden death was not attributed to asthma, were reviewed. In all cases and controls, sections of two or(More)
Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) and subacute measles encephalitis (SME) are both rare complications of measles virus infection. SSPE typically affects immunocompetent children, has an insidious onset and follows a steadily progressive course. SME mainly occurs in immunosuppressed children and has a rapidly progressive course. We describe a 43(More)
A combined pathological and radiological study of descending aortae from 15 subjects from 2 to 80 yrs of age was conducted to investigate changes in the segmental vessels with advancing aortic atherosclerosis. There were (i) small hillocks of musculo-elastic intimal thickening adjacent to the apex (centre of the flow divider) in the ostia of the segmental(More)