Alison Crerar

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This paper presents a unique insight into the way acousticians, computing specialists and sound designers describe the dimensions of sound they use. Seventy-five audio professionals completed a detailed questionnaire created to elicit common definitions of the words noise and soundscape, and to establish common methods of reifying sound, architectural(More)
This paper describes a trial of Macaulay and Crerar's method of mapping a workplace soundscape [1] to assess its fitness as a basis for an extended soundscape mapping method. Twelve participants took part within 14 separate environments, which included academic, commercial and domestic locations. Results were visualized and subsequently collapsed to produce(More)
The introduction of effective auditory warnings into a shared environment requires a prior understanding of the existing soundfield and soundscape. Reifying the physical and perceptual auditory environment enables a form of pre-auditioning, as well as the evaluation of any auditory augmentation. This paper describes the development of a visualisation(More)
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