Alison Carlos Wunderlich

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Hybridomas producing human monoclonal IgM antibodies (mAbs) against bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) were generated by fusion of B lymphocytes from sensitized human spleen with heteromyeloma cells. The splenocytes were from patients undergoing splenectomy during staging for Hodgkin disease after vaccination with the J5 mutant of Escherichia coli, which is(More)
The cyst form of Giardia lamblia is responsible for transmission of giardiasis, a common waterborne intestinal disease. In these studies, encystation of Giardia lamblia in vitro was demonstrated by morphologic, immunologic, and biochemical criteria. In the suckling mouse model, the jejunum was shown to be a major site of encystation of the parasite. Small(More)
This study reports the infection of fishes by Austrodiplostomum compactum metacercariae in the Chavantes reservoir, medium Paranapanema River, municipality of Ipaussu, São Paulo State, Brazil. Twenty-three fish species were analysed, and 13 were infected with A. compactum metacercariae (56.5%) in their eyes. The following six fish species are new hosts for(More)
During the routine examination of a healthy 31-yr-old woman, we found an incomplete deficiency of the 9th component of complement (C9). By hemolytic assay her serum C9 activity was 10 to 15% of normal. Limited family studies suggested that she inherited the deficiency as an autosomal codominant trait. She had no history of unusual or severe infections. When(More)
An enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for antibody to the lipopolysaccharides (LPSs) of a rough strain of Escherichia coli (J5) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae was developed. When standard methods of this assay were applied to these LPSs, no antibody was measured. By radiolabeling smooth and rough endotoxins with 51Cr, it was discovered that the rough LPS was not(More)
This study aimed to report the infection by Sphincterodiplostomum musculosum metacercariae in Steindachnerina insculpta from the Chavantes Reservoir, medium Paranapanema River, municipality of Ipaussu, State of São Paulo, Brazil. Thirty specimens of S. insculpta were collected and 29 were infected with S. musculosum metacercariae (prevalence = 96.67%) in(More)
Pasteurellosis in the rabbit inoculated with a malignant variant of Shope fibroma virus (SFV-MV) is presented as a model for the study of immunosuppression and immunoprophylaxis in pasteurellosis. The rabbits, before the inoculation, were healthy carriers of Pasteurella multocida. They were intradermally inoculated with SFV-MV, and 3 to 6 days later, a(More)
Suspensions of india ink or gonococci were inoculated into the murine uterus through the cervix with a simple plastic vaginal speculum and a 23 gauge blunted needle. The inoculated suspensions were distributed throughout both uterine horns, cervix, and vagina, but did not flow into the peritoneal cavity. This method avoided surgical stress as well as being(More)
Gonococci do not readily cause disseminated infection in mice. To simulate some of the conditions leading to disseminated gonococcal infection in women, we suspended gonococci in mucin plus hemoglobin and studied the development of gonococcal bacteremia. The mucin-hemoglobin mixture was used because the menstruum appears to be involved in dissemination of(More)