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BACKGROUND Near-perfect adherence to antiretroviral therapy over time is critical to achieve viral suppression and recovery of functional immunity in individuals infected with HIV. The concept of adherence as a dynamic behaviour influenced by multiple biopsychosocial factors motivated us to implement an integrated, multifactorial programme in our(More)
BACKGROUND Implementation of obstetric and neonatal interventions has reduced mother to child transmission of HIV. Health outcomes for Aboriginal people are often worse than for non-Aboriginal people; was this the case for HIV infection in pregnancy? AIMS To compare the management and outcomes of pregnancy in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal HIV-positive(More)
Two brothers are described with renal tubular acidosis and nerve deafness: the elder also had rickets and hypokalaemia. The parents were unaffected. Studies of urinary acidification and bicarbonate excretion were consistent with a distal tubular abnormality. This report strengthens the view previously proposed in similar cases that nerve deafness and renal(More)
Twenty-six children suffering from juvenile chronic arthritis were entered into a 6-month open evaluation of naproxen suspension. Sixteen patients completed 6-months' treatment, 6 were lost to follow-up and 4 dropped out, 2 because of side-effects (rash, and burning on swallowing the formulation), 1 for lack of efficacy and 1 because of no further need of(More)
Clinical trials of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are necessary in juvenile chronic arthritis (JCA) but pose certain problems highlighted and discussed in this study, including recruitment, the assessment of efficacy, and the heterogeneity of the disease. In a multicentre 8-week double-blind cross-over study using the double-dummy technique,(More)
The third case in the UK of primary amoebic meningoencephalitis is reported; it affected an 11-year-old girl. Six days before admission the girl had swum in a pool fed by hot spring water in which the causative agent Naegleria fowleri was found. Early treatment with amphotericin B would seem to offer the only hope of recovery in this almost uniformly fatal(More)