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In an earlier posturographic investigation (Collins and De Luca 1993) it was proposed that open-loop and closed-loop control mechanisms are involved in the regulation of undisturbed, upright stance. In this study, stabilogram-diffusion analysis was used to examine how the natural aging process affects the operational characteristics of these control(More)
There's a widely known need to revise current forms of healthcare provision. Of particular interest are sensing systems in the home, which have been central to several studies. This article presents an overview of this rapidly growing body of work, as well as the implications for machine learning, with an aim of uncovering the gap between the state of the(More)
Stabilogram-diffusion analysis was used to gain insights into how idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD) affects the postural control mechanisms involved in maintaining erect stance. Twenty-two subjects with IPD and twenty-four healthy elderly subjects were studied under eyes-open, quiet-standing conditions. The postural control mechanisms in the parkinsonian(More)
The mammalian facial muscles are a subgroup of hyoid muscles (i.e. muscles innervated by cranial nerve VII). They are usually attached to freely movable skin and are responsible for facial expressions. In this study we provide an account of the origin, homologies and evolution of the primate facial muscles, based on dissections of various primate and(More)
BACKGROUND Concerns regarding the use of antipsychotic medication in secondary care suggested an examination of primary care prescribing. AIM To audit and intervene in the suboptimal prescribing of antipsychotic drugs to primary care patients. DESIGN OF STUDY Cross-sectional prevalence: subsequent open treatment intervention. SETTING Seven of the 29(More)
This paper introduces a Wi-Fi signal based passive wireless sensing system that has the capability to detect diverse indoor human movements, from whole body motions to limb movements and breathing movements of the chest. The real time signal processing is used for human body motion sensing, and software defined radio demo system are described and verified(More)
A number of presynaptic markers are compromised in the dopaminergic neurons of aged Sprague-Dawley rats (22 months old) compared with young rats (3 months old). Indeed, in the striatum of the aged rats there is a diminished capacity to transport dopamine (DA), to bind the dopamine transporter (DAT) marker mazindol, to bind the vesicular monoamine(More)
Designing effective home healthcare technologies is a complex task. In order to succeed, it is important to look beyond purely technology-driven solutions and to develop technologies and services that are flexible and reflect a sensitive understanding of the diverse users of such systems. The key contribution of this paper is to introduce 15 empirically(More)
AAL platforms for health and care purposes are designed to be used by diverse stakeholders, such as household residents, carers and healthcare professionals, with equally diverse needs. Reducing the latency of such systems is key to achieving a positive user experience, as well as enabling appropriate responses to critical incidents. This paper introduces a(More)