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Quarantine and the imagining of the Australian nation
This article explores ways in which the technology of quarantine functioned in the imagining of Australia as a nation in the early 20th century. With the aim of historicizing scholarship on theExpand
Tuberculosis, migration, and medical examination: lessons from history
This article examines policies of health screening with particular reference to the “Australian model”. It details how historical approaches can contribute to an understanding of contemporary publicExpand
Population, Geopolitics, and International Organizations in the Mid Twentieth Century
In assessing population as an intergovernmental and world issue, historians have generally focused on the politics of sex, gender, and reproduction. To expect the history of population to be solelyExpand
Frances gillam holden and the children's hospital dispute, 1887: woman's sphere, feminism and nursing
Abstract This paper examines the confrontations of a late nineteenth-century ‘lady superintendent’ with men and masculinity. It analyses the problematical links between femininity, feminism andExpand
Public Pedagogy: Sex Education and Mass Communication in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Questioning the relationship between medium and message has long exercised media and communications theorists but historians have devoted comparatively little attention to the issue. TheExpand
Geographies of commemoration: Angel Island, San Francisco and North Head, Sydney
Abstract Memorialising lives, deaths and events in landscapes can be authorised, official and highly regulated, or spontaneous, unsanctioned and anti-authoritarian. Interpreting and connecting twoExpand
Roundtable: The Anthropocene in British History
The following exchange was the result of ongoing informal conversations among the contributors, who are all, in different ways, interested in the emergent concept of the Anthropocene and theExpand