Alison B. Flatau

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BACKGROUND The cardiovascular responses to submaximal lower body negative pressure (LBNP) appear to differ between genders, but the underlying mechanisms are uncertain. HYPOTHESIS These differences are due to differences in the autonomic modulation of the cardiovascular system. METHODS There were 14 women and 13 men who underwent LBNP to -50 mmHg in 10(More)
The reproducibility of heart rate variability (HRV) measures during graded lower body negative pressure (LBNP) have not been studied in sufficient detail. Active college age men (n=14) underwent an orientation exposure and two trials of graded LBNP to presyncope or −100 mmHg, separated by 1 week. Heart rate, stroke volume (impedance cardiography), blood(More)
Complete models of highly-magnetostrictive Terfenol-D transducers must be able to characterize the magnetostriction upon knowledge of the impressed electrical energy. Fundamental characterization laws are not available at present, because the existing modeling techniques fail to simultaneously span all operating regimes: electric, magnetic, mechanical, and(More)
Iron-gallium alloys Fe(1-x)Ga(x) exhibit an exceptional increase in magnetostriction with gallium content. We present small-angle neutron scattering investigations on a Fe(0.81)Ga(0.19) single crystal. We uncover heterogeneities with an average spacing of 15 nm and with magnetizations distinct from the matrix. The moments in and around the heterogeneities(More)
A method is presented for including motional and eddy current effects when analytically modeling electrical impedance functions of cylindrical magnetostrictive transducers. To approximate eddy current effects, one-dimensional analytical constant parameter linear electromagnetic models of a cylindrical magnetostrictive transducer are developed. Maxwell's(More)
Title of Thesis: DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF A VARIABLE ASPECT RATIO WING USING PNEUMATIC TELESCOPIC SPARS Julie E. Blondeau, Masters of Science, 2004 Thesis Directed By: Professor Darryll Pines Department of Aerospace Engineering The purpose of this thesis is to discuss the design, development and testing of a pneumatic telescopic wing using pneumatic(More)
Title of dissertation: An Analytical Investigation of Flapping Wing Structures for Micro Air Vehicles Nicholas C. Rosenfeld Doctor of Philosophy, 2011 Dissertation directed by: Professor Norman M. Wereley Department of Aerospace Engineering An analytical model of flapping wing structures for bio-inspired micro air vehicles is presented in this dissertation.(More)