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This paper describes an investigation of authorship gender attribution mining from e-mail text documents. We used an extended set of predominantly topic content-free e-mail document features such as style markers, structural characteristics and gender-preferential language features together with a Support Vector Machine learning algorithm. Experiments using(More)
We describe an investigation into e-mail content mining for author identification, or authorship attribution, for the purpose of forensic investigation. We focus our discussion on the ability to discriminate between authors for the case of both aggregated e-mail topics as well as across different e-mail topics. An extended set of e-mail document features(More)
Information security officers of large organisations have the responsibility, inter alia, to advise senior management on the current level of organisational risk and to overview the operation of effective security systems within the organisation. Current developments in risk analysis methodologies and system security certification, e.g. ITSEC, can provide(More)
The bacteriophage population is large, dynamic, ancient, and genetically diverse. Limited genomic information shows that phage genomes are mosaic, and the genetic architecture of phage populations remains ill-defined. To understand the population structure of phages infecting a single host strain, we isolated, sequenced, and compared 627 phages of(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical characteristics of children diagnosed with Rett syndrome are well described. Survival and how these characteristics persist or change in adulthood are less well documented. This study aimed to describe overall survival and adult health in those with Rett syndrome. METHODS Using the Kaplan-Meier method, we estimated survival of(More)
The overlap between autism and Rett syndrome clinical features has led to many cases of Rett syndrome being initially diagnosed with infantile autism or as having some autistic features. Both conditions seriously disrupt social and language development and are often accompanied by repetitive, nonpurposeful stereotypic hand movements. The aims of this study(More)
With the availability of numerous curated databases, researchers are now able to efficiently use the multitude of biological data by integrating these resources via hyperlinks and cross-references. A large proportion of bioinformatics research tasks, however, may include labor-intensive tasks such as fetching, parsing, and merging datasets and functional(More)
Introduction: It is estimated that 20% of unscheduled admissions to hospital with hip fracture are from care homes. However, evidence suggests that admissions can be reduced by increasing levels of proactive care to residents. Our aim was to utilise appropriate telehealth-care equipment to reduce the number of falls in residents. Telecare products are not(More)