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Using positron emission tomography, we examined cerebral blood flow changes in human subjects whilst engaged in the visual processing of face stimuli. A task requiring anterograde memory of faces was compared with a control task involving simple gender classification--considered an automatic process that did not require any significant memory component. A(More)
A patient (E.D.) who had displayed a selective retrograde amnesia in association with transient amnesic episodes (Kapur et al., 1986) was reexamined five years after initial assessment. At the clinical level, his transient amnesic attacks continued, but some of these had clear epileptic features. In addition, EEG investigation indicated temporal lobe(More)
OBJECTIVES The EMG startle response to free fall was studied in young and old normal subjects, patients with absent vestibular function, and patients with akinetic-rigid syndromes. The aim was to detect any derangement in this early phase of the "landing response" in patient groups with a tendency to fall. In normal subjects the characteristics of a(More)
The majority of women requiring chemotherapy for gestational trophoblastic disease (GTN) are cured with their initial chemotherapy treatment. However, a small percentage either become refractory to treatment, or relapse after the completion of treatment. This study investigates the characteristics and outcome of these patients. Patients were identified from(More)
Recordings of axial and limb muscles in reaction to a free fall induced startle were performed in subjects while they were lying on a tilting couch with their eyes closed. Young normals (n = 24, aged 31.1 +/- 6.6 years) showed an activation sequence consisting of sternomastoid (N.XI: 57 ms), abdominal muscles (T10: 65 ms), quadriceps (L3: 75 ms) and deltoid(More)
It is thought that the time interval between the antecedent pregnancy and diagnosis of gestational trophoblastic tumours (GTTs) may influence the outcome of these patients. In this study, we investigate the significance of this time interval. Multivariate analysis was used to investigate if the time interval was of prognostic significance from our cohort of(More)
The significance of residual lung metastasis from malignant gestational trophoblastic neoplasm (GTN) after the completion of chemotherapy is unknown. We currently do not advocate resection of these masses. Here, we investigate the outcome of these patients. Patients with residual lung abnormalities after the completion of treatment for GTN were compared to(More)
BACKGROUND Airway pressure release ventilation (APRV) is an alternative approach to the low-tidal volume "open-lung" ventilation strategy. APRV is associated with a higher mean airway pressure than conventional ventilation and has therefore not been evaluated in patients with acute neurological injuries. METHODS Case report. RESULTS We report a patient(More)
There was a significant correlation between two measures of cerebral atrophy (the ventricle to brain ratio and the relative cerebral volume) and T1 in 19 detoxified alcoholics. This provides further evidence that T1 is a marker of structural damage in alcoholics although the partial volume effect of CSF may contribute to this finding. This has implications(More)
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discussion of the effect of training on the relationship between the strength and the cross-sectional area of a muscle should take into account the effect of changing the angle of penna-tion of the muscle fibres. In his discussion Dr. Maughan refers to his finding that, in untrained subjects, an inverse relationship exists between the(More)
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