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Amoebic gill disease (AGD) is a proliferative gill disease of marine cultured Atlantic salmon Salmo salar, with the free-living protozoan Neoparamoeba perurans being the primary aetiological agent. The increased incidence of AGD in recent years presents a significant challenge to the Atlantic salmon farming industry in Europe. In this study, a real-time(More)
Mycorrhizas have a mutualistic relationship between fungi and vascular plants. Mycorrhizal associations are important for plants as they provide minerals, especially phosphorous, and water, while the plant provides carbohydrates for the fungi. Trail edges affect plant community diversity by altering water runoff, soil moisture or encouraging invasive(More)
Native strains of Rhizobium were selected from a chickpea growing area with the purpose of producing inoculants tolerant to environmental conditions of the province of Córdoba. The strains were selected for nitrogen fixing capacity and specificity with four plant genotypes using the following parameters: number of nodules, plant biomass and nitrogen(More)
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