Alisha Fernandez

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Allotetraploid Aegilops species sharing the U genome, Ae. columnaris (UUMM), Ae. ovata (UUMM), Ae. triaristata (UUMM), Ae. triuncialis (UUCC) and Ae. variabilis (UUSS), regularly form bivalents at metaphase I of meiosis. The pattern of zygotene and pachytene pairing was analyzed by whole-mount surface-spreading of synaptonemal complexes under the electron(More)
Synchronous rectification (SR) is mandatory to achieve good efficiencies with low output voltages. If the transformer is driven asymmetrically without dead times, self-driven SR (SDSR) is a very interesting solution. However, if the transformer is driven symmetrically, the synchronous rectifiers are off during the dead times and, as a consequence, the(More)
In the present paper we show an exhaustive microstructural characterisation of thiolcapped gold nanoparticles (NPs) with two different average particle sizes. These samples are compared to the polymer-like Au(I) phase formed as a precursor during the synthesis of the thiol-capped gold NPs. The set of analysed samples shows different microstructures at the(More)
Chromosome pairing behaviour of the allotetraploid Aegilops species sharing the D genome, Ae. crassa (DDMM), Ae. cylindrica (DDCC) and Ae. ventricosa (DDNN), was analyzed by electron microscopy in surfacespread prophase-I nuclei. Synaptonemal-complex analysis at zygotene and pachytene revealed that synapsis in the allotetraploids was mostly between(More)
This paper deals with a new control method for power factor correctors. Control is carried out by a standard IC controller for peak current-mode DC-DC converters, with only an additional compensation ramp generator and peak detector. The fact that neither an analog multiplier nor an input voltage sensor is needed to achieve quasi-sinusoidal line waveforms(More)
The DC/DC buck converter is an interesting solution to implement power factor correction (PFC) in many applications, meeting the IEC 1000-3-2 standard with a low cost circuit. In this paper, an average small-signal model of buck converter realising power factor correction is presented. The model is valid for frequencies lower than the line frequency and(More)
Hydropower can provide inexpensive, flexible fillin power to compensate for intermittent renewable generation. We model the decision of a hydroelectric generator to shift power capacity away from the dayahead energy market into a “wind-following” service that smoothes the intermittent production of wind turbines. Seasonal wind patterns produce conflicts(More)
Structural and analytical characterization related to the formation mechanism of Au–Pt heterodimers from polyhedral Pt nanocrystals is reported. The observation of specific lattice strain effects and the emergence of misfit dislocations point to the relevance of the Stranski–Krastanov growth mode as a means of explaining the previously reported dimerisation(More)
Surface-spread synaptonemal complexes and chiasma distributions in spermatocytes with different C-banding patterns and chiasma distributions in oocytes were analyzed in the grasshopperPyrgomorpha conica. Male meiosis was characterized by a proximal/distal chiasma localization and complete pairing of homologous chromosomes at pachytene. However, there were(More)
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