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Combining Heterogeneous Models for Measuring Relational Similarity
In this work, we study the problem of measuring relational similarity between two word pairs (e.g., silverware:fork and clothing:shirt). Due to the large number of possible relations, we argue thatExpand
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Open Information Extraction for Spanish Language based on Syntactic Constraints
Open Information Extraction (Open IE) serves for the analysis of vast amounts of texts by extraction of assertions, or relations, in the form of tupleshargument 1; relation; argument 2i. VariousExpand
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Using Factual Density to Measure Informativeness of Web Documents
The information obtained from the Web is increasingly important for decision making and for our everyday tasks. Due to the growth of uncertified sources, blogosphere, comments in the social media andExpand
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Artificial Intelligence in Life Extension: from Deep Learning to Superintelligence
Abstract: In this paper we focus on the most efficacious AI applications for life extension and anti-aging at three expected stages of AI development: narrow AI, AGI and superintelligence. First, weExpand
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Open Information Extraction from real Internet texts in Spanish using constraints over part-of-speech sequences: Problems of the method, their causes, and ways for improvement
Usually we do not know the domain of an arbitrary text from the Internet, or the semantics of the relations it conveys. While humans identify such information easily, for a computer this task is farExpand
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Data Augmentation using Machine Translation for Fake News Detection in the Urdu Language
The task of fake news detection is to distinguish legitimate news articles that describe real facts from those which convey deceiving and fictitious information. As the fake news phenomenon isExpand
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Bringing The Output of Open Information Extraction to The RDF / XML Format : A Case Study
• Introduced by Michele Banko et al. in 2007 • Strategy for Information Discovery in arbitrary texts • Arbitrary relations are numerous. It is not possible to make an exhaustive list of all relationsExpand
Exploring contExt clustEring for tErm translation
Many tasks in natural language processing, such as machine translation, word sense disambiguation, word translation disambiguation, require analysis of contextual information. In case of supervisedExpand
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