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In this work, we study the problem of measuring relational similarity between two word pairs (e.g., silverware:fork and clothing:shirt). Due to the large number of possible relations, we argue that it is important to combine multiple models based on heterogeneous information sources. Our overall system consists of two novel general-purpose relational(More)
The information obtained from the Web is increasingly important for decision making and for our everyday tasks. Due to the growth of uncertified sources, blogosphere, comments in the social media and automatically generated texts, the need to measure the quality of text information found on the Internet is becoming of crucial importance. It has been(More)
Open Information Extraction (Open IE) serves for the analysis of vast amounts of texts by extraction of assertions, or relations , in the form of tuples argument 1; relation; argument 2. Various approaches to Open IE have been designed to perform in a fast, unsupervised manner. All of them require language specific information for their implementation. In(More)
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