Alisa Pankova

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Bilinear pairings are powerful mathematical structures that can be used in cryptography. Their equational properties allow constructing cryptographic primitives and protocols that would be otherwise ineffective or even impossible. In formal cryptography, the protocols are expressed through term algebras and process calculi. ProVerif, one of the most(More)
This paper presents a generic method for turning passively secure protocols into protocols secure against covert attacks, adding an offline preprocessing and a cheap post-execution verification phase. The execution phase, after which the computed result is already available to the parties, has only negligible overhead. Our method uses shared verification(More)
In this paper we demonstrate a number of attacks against proposed protocols for privacypreserving linear programming, based on publishing and solving a transformed version of the problem instance. Our attacks exploit the geometric structure of the problem, which has mostly been overlooked in the previous analyses and is largely preserved by the proposed(More)
Frequent itemset mining is a task that can in turn be used for other purposes such as associative rule mining. One problem is that the data may be sensitive, and its owner may refuse to give it for analysis in plaintext. There exist many privacy-preserving solutions for frequent itemset mining, but in any case enhancing the privacy inevitably spoils the(More)
This paper studies the possibility of achieving indistinguishabilitybased security in privately outsourcing linear equation systems over real numbers. The particular task is to solve a full-rank n× n system Ax = b. Since the most complex part of this task is inverting A, the problem can be reduced to outsourcing of a square matrix inverse computation.(More)
In this paper, we discuss the design choices and initial experiences with a domain-specific language and its optimizing compiler for specifying protocols for secure computation. We give the rationale of the design, describe the translation steps, the location of the compiler in the whole Sharemind protocol stack, and the results we have obtained with the(More)