Alireza Taghizadeh

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We suggest a new type of grating reflector denoted hybrid grating (HG) which shows large reflectivity in a broad wavelength range and has a structure suitable for realizing a vertical cavity laser with ultra-small modal volume. The properties of the grating reflector are investigated numerically and explained. The HG consists of an un-patterned III-V layer(More)
We numerically investigate the properties of a hybrid grating structure acting as a resonator with ultrahigh quality factor. This reveals that the physical mechanism responsible for the resonance is quite different from the conventional guided mode resonance (GMR). The hybrid grating consists of a subwavelength grating layer and an un-patterned(More)
A hybrid III-V/SOI resonant-cavity-enhanced photodetector (RCE-PD) structure comprising a high-contrast grating (HCG) reflector, a hybrid grating (HG) reflector, and an air cavity between them, has been proposed and investigated. In the proposed structure, a light absorbing material is integrated as part of the HG reflector, enabling a very compact vertical(More)
Various ways of controlling the extent of the ring of exceptional points in photonic crystal slabs are investigated. The extent of the ring in photonic crystal slabs is found to vary with the thickness of the slab. This enables recovery of Dirac cones in open, non-Hermitian systems, such as a photonic crystal slab. In this case, all three bands exhibit a(More)
The bound states in the continuum (BICs) in photonic crystal (PhC) slabs presume infinite periodicity in the in-plane direction. Thus, a large number of unit cells are typically required to implement the BICs with a high quality (Q) factor. Here, we report on a method to engineer the reciprocal-space properties of BICs, which enables to keep the effect of(More)
Introduction Different barley varieties have been shown to affect in vitro dry-matter digestibility (IVDMD), ruminal starch digestion and animal performance (Boss and Bowman, 1996). Some of these differences may be due to differences in site and extent of nutrient digestion among barley varieties. Little information is available on digestive characteristics(More)
Hybrid vertical cavity lasers employing high-contrast grating reflectors are attractive for Si-integrated light source applications. Here, a method for reducing a three-dimensional (3D) optical simulation of this laser structure to lower-dimensional simulations is suggested, which allows for very fast and approximate analysis of the quality-factor of the 3D(More)
Photon's effective mass is an important parameter of an optical cavity mode, which determines the strength of light-matter interaction. Here, we propose a novel method for controlling the photon's effective mass by using coupled photonic cavities and designing the angular dependence of the coupling strength. This can be implemented by employing a(More)
Presently, we investigate the influence of the extent of a ring of exceptional points on the Q-factor of three-dimensional photonic crystal slabs. By changing the thickness of the slab, the extent of the ring of exceptional points is varied, allowing us to recover the Dirac cones in open, non-Hermitian systems. In this case, three bound states in the(More)
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