Alireza Sighari Deljavan

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INTRODUCTION In cases of limited access to the surgical site, an alternative approach is to obturate the canal prior to surgery. Endodontic surgery is subsequently performed by root-end resection without retro-cavity preparation. This in vitro study was designed to compare the sealing ability of resected roots filled with either mineral trioxide aggregate(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to examine the effect of chlorhexidine disinfection, as a chemical method of oral hygiene practice, and subsequent use of probiotics on halitosis in children. The effects of mechanical and chemical oral hygiene practice methods on the severity of halitosis were also assessed. MATERIALS AND METHODS 208 children with(More)
>Malignancies of the midface result in cosmetic deformities that make maxillofacial prosthesis as an integral part of the treatment plan. Facial defects can be devastating in their impact on physical structure and function of the affected individual, leading to potentional compromises in quality of life. Reconstruction of nasal defects is a challenge for(More)
PURPOSE The use of general anaesthesia (GA) has shown significant increase in child dental patients. This study aimed to assess whether behaviour management strategies can be the effective methods for decreasing the need for GA and its over-utilisation in paediatric dentistry. METHODS The patients (n = 240) aged 3-6 years old were selected from referrals(More)
Background and aims. Predicting the teeth eruption time is a valuable tool in pediatric dentistry since it can affects scheduling dental and orthodontic treatments. This study investigated the relationship between the eruption time of first primary and permanent teeth and the variation in the eruption time considering socioeconomic status (SES) in a 9-year(More)
Carious tooth surfaces can alter saliva in various ways. We investigated whether salivary parameters were affected by elimination of existing active dental caries in 99 children (age 6-12 years) with more than five carious tooth surfaces. Unstimulated saliva samples were obtained from each child, and salivary characteristics were evaluated. One month after(More)
Background and aims. Anterior esthetic restoration is challenging in pediatric dentistry, due to limited durability and poor retention of the restoration.This study assessed the effect of air abrasion on tensile failure load of composite class III restorations using different preparation techniques. Materials and methods. 100 extracted human anterior(More)
Despite a body of compelling evidence pertaining to the root canal accessibility of primary teeth, the number of referrals for inaccessibility of primary molars is considerable. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the prevalence of true and false primary molar inaccessibility among subjects who had been referred by general and pediatric dentists.(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Enterococci are Gram-positive cocci that often occur in pairs (diplococci) or short chains. Be-side developing high level of antibiotic resistance, these bacteria can cause wide range of disease in human, thus to help provide an effective treatment for infections caused by this genus, this study was conceived to provide information on(More)
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