Alireza Shafaei

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Video games are a compelling source of annotated data as they can readily provide fine-grained groundtruth for diverse tasks. However, it is not clear whether the synthetically generated data has enough resemblance to the real-world images to improve the performance of computer vision models in practice. We present experiments assessing the effectiveness on(More)
(a) (b) Figure 1: (a) We exploit the visual similarity between mocap-generated trajectories (left) and dense trajectories (right) to improve cross-view action recognition. (b) For mocap-trajectories, we can easily obtain corresponding features (i.e., descriptors for trajectories that originate from the same 3D point) in two views. We use these pairs of(More)
Commonly used human motion capture systems require intrusive attachment of markers that are visually tracked with multiple cameras. In this work we present an efficient and inexpensive solution to markerless motion capture using only a few Kinect sensors. Unlike the previous work on 3d pose estimation using a single depth camera, we relax constraints on the(More)
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