Alireza Sadighian

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—One of the fundamental challenges in real-world Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) is the large number of redundant, non-relevant false positive alerts that they generate. In this paper, we propose an alert fusion approach that incorporates contextual information with the goal of leveraging the benefits of multi-sensor detection while reducing false(More)
L-SYNC is a synchronization protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks which is based on larger degree clustering providing efficiency in homogeneous topologies. In L-SYNC, the effectiveness of the routing algorithm for the synchronization precision of two remote nodes was considered. Clustering in L-SYNC is according to larger degree techniques. These(More)
In order to reduce the numbers of non-relevant alerts and false positives typically generated by Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) in real-world situations, several alert correlation approaches that integrate and jointly analyse the alert streams of different alert sensors have been proposed. Inspired by the mental process of contextualisation used by(More)
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