Alireza Rezaei Mahdiraji

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Although, many applications use unstructured meshes, there is no specialized mesh database which supports storing and querying mesh data. Existing mesh libraries do not support declarative querying and are expensive to maintain. A mesh database can benefit the domains in several ways such as: declarative query language, ease of maintenance, etc. In this(More)
To understand and improve processes in organizations, six key questions need to be answered, namely, what, how, where, who, when, why. Organizations with established processes have IT system(s) that gather(s) information about some or all of the key questions. Software organizations usually have defined processes, but they usually lack information about how(More)
Despite ubiquitous usage of unstructured mesh in many application domains (e.g., computer aided design, scientific simulation, climate modeling, etc.), there is no specialized mesh database which supports storing and querying such data structures. Existing mesh libraries use file-based APIs which do not support declarative querying and are difficult to(More)
Although several application domains use unstructured meshes as first-class citizen, there is no dedicated database system which offers querying and manipulation of such objects via a declarative query language. A declarative query language allows users to describe their information needs as easy as natural language. In this paper, we present our initial(More)
In this paper, we present a topological neighborhood expression which allows us to express arbitrary neighborhood around cells in unstructured meshes. We show that the expression can be evaluated by traversing the connectivity information of the meshes. We implemented two algebraic operators which use the expression to compute neighbors of cells and(More)
In this work-in-progress paper, we model scientific meshes as a multi-graph in Neo4j graph database using the graph property model. We conduct experiments to measure the performance of the graph database solution in processing mesh queries and compare it with GrAL mesh library and PostgreSQL database on synthetic and real mesh datasets. The experiments show(More)