Alireza Rahimnia

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Cerebral palsy is the most common cause of spasticity and physical disability in children and spasticity is one of the commonest problems in those with neurological disease. The management of spasticity in children with cerebral palsy requires a multidisciplinary effort and should be started as early as possible. There are a number of treatments available(More)
Concomitant knee injury is a common finding in femoral fractures but can be easily missed during early management of the initial trauma. Degrees of damage to the articular structures vary considerably; from only a mild effusion to complete ligamentous and meniscal tears. Since previous reports were mostly from developed societies, this study was designed to(More)
Segmental defects of the tibia are challenging therapeutic problems for both the physician and the patient. These defects may be caused by severe trauma, infection, tumors and congenital processes. Several different techniques have been described for treatment of these defects including the Papineau technique, allograft reconstruction, bone transport using(More)
The aim of this study is to identify the effect of time and pressure of tourniquet in blood pressure and pulse rate immediately after the releasing of tourniquet in the upper and lower extremity of the orthopedic surgeries. This retrospective study examined 206 consecutive patients. Comparisons of the systolic and diastolic pressure and heart rate were made(More)
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