Alireza R. Medghalchi

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The relation between representations and positive definite functions is a key concept in harmonic analysis on topological groups. Recently this relation has been studied on topological groupoids. This is the second in a series of papers in which we have investigated the concept of " restricted " positive definite functions and their relation with(More)
– In this paper we initiate the study of real group algebras and investigate some of its aspects. Let 1 L) (G be a group algebra of a locally compact group G G G → : ,τ be a group homeomorphism such that 1 2 = = τοτ τ , the identity map, and } :) ({) , (f f G L f G L p p = ∈ = οτ τ) 1 (≥ p. In this paper, among other results, we clarify the structure of) ,(More)
The Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes algebras A(G) and B(G) of a locally compact group G are introduced and studied in 60's by Piere Eymard in his PhD thesis. If G is a locally compact abelian group, then A(G) ≃ L 1 (ˆ G), and B(G) ≃ M (ˆ G), via the Fourier and Fourier-Stieltjes transforms, wherê G is the Pontryagin dual of G. Recently these algebras are(More)
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