Alireza Nemaney Pour

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Recently, the number of requests for multicast services through the wireless networks has been increased. However, for successful deployment, security and efficiency of content delivery must be provided at first. This paper presents a new approach for secure multicast in wireless networks. This approach, CRAW (Combination of Re-keying and Authentication in(More)
Unsolicited Bulk Emails (also known as Spam) are undesirable emails sent to massive number of users. Spam emails consume the network resources and cause lots of security uncertainties. As we studied, the location where the spam filter operates in is an important parameter to preserve network resources. Although there are many different methods to block spam(More)
Web spam is an attempt to boost the ranking of special pages in search engine results. Cloaking is a kind of spamming technique. Previous cloaking detection methods based on terms/links differences between crawler and browser's copies are not accurate enough. The latest technique is tag-based method. This method could find cloaked pages better than previous(More)
This paper presents an efficient group key management protocol, CKCS (Code for Key Calculation in Simultaneous join/leave) for simultaneous join/leave in secure multicast. This protocol is based on logical key hierarchy. In this protocol, when new members join the group simultaneously, server sends only the group key for those new members. Then, current(More)
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