Alireza Nejati Javaremi

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The current study was conducted to investigate the effect of short-term selection in Japanese quail for 4-wk BW and estimate genetic parameters of BW, carcass traits, and egg weight. A selected line and control line were randomly selected from a base population. In each generation, 39 sires and 78 dams were used as parents for the next generation. Data were(More)
(Co)Variance components and genetic parameters for economic traits in Iranian native fowls were estimated using multivariate animal model analysis with DFREML procedure. The data of four stations of native fowls breeding (Mazandaran: 49536, Esfahan: 23108, West Azarbaijan: 24890 and Fars: 30279) was containing records of cocks and hens collected during(More)
Feed costs substantially affect the efficiency of poultry operations, justifying genetic improvement of feed utilization by selection. The current research was conducted to estimate genetic variance for the 4-wk feed conversion ratio (FCR) and its genetic correlations with BW, BW gain (WG), feed intake (FI), and residual feed intake (RFI) in Japanese quail.(More)
We investigated the effect of selection for 4-wk feed conversion ratio (FCR) on genetic improvement of FCR, BW, weight gain (WG), feed intake (FI), and residual FI (RFI) in Japanese quail. The F line was selected for reduced FCR and the C line was maintained as a randombred control. In each generation, 35 sires and 70 dams were used as parents for the next(More)
A hypothesis was tested that providing the breeder hens with exogenous thyroxine (T(4)) would help their offspring to better survive the ascites-inducing condition during the growing period. In total, 132 broiler breeder hens were randomly assigned to one of 3 treatments: control (CON), hypothyroid [HYPO; 6-N-propyl-2-thiouracil (PTU)-treated], and(More)
The problem of automated segmenting and tracking of the outlines of cells in microscope images is the subject of active research. While great progress has been made on recognizing cells that are of high contrast and of predictable shape, many situations arise in practice where these properties do not exist and thus many interesting potential studies - such(More)
The main objective of this study was to estimate the genetic and phenotypic relationships between calving difficulty (CD) and fertility traits, including success at first service (SF), number of inseminations to conception (INS), interval from calving to first service (CTFS), interval between first and last service (IFL) and days open (DO), in first-parity(More)
New molecular techniques focused on genome analysis, open new possibilities for more accurate evaluation of economiclly important traits in farm animals. Milk production traits are typical quantitative characteristics controlled by a number of genes. Mutations in their sequences may alter animal performance as well as their breeding values. In this study,(More)
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