Alireza Namadmalan

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This paper presents resonant inverter tuning for current source parallel resonant induction heating systems based on a new self oscillating switching technique. The phase error is suppressed in a wide range of operating frequencies in comparison with Phase Locked Loop (PLL) techniques. The proposed switching method has the capability of tuning under fast(More)
This paper presents an interleaved active-clamping zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) forward-flyback converter without an output choke. The presented topology has two active-clamping circuits with two separated transformers. Because of the interleaved operation of the converter, the output current ripple will be reduced. The proposed converter can approximately(More)
This paper presents a cascaded coil flux control based on a Current Source Parallel Resonant Push-Pull Inverter (CSPRPI) for Induction Heating (IH) applications. The most important problems associated with current source parallel resonant inverters are start-up problems and the variable response of IH systems under load variations. This paper proposes a(More)
This paper presents a modified Current Source Parallel Resonant Push-pull Inverter (CSPRPI) for single phase induction heating applications. One of the most important problems associated with current source parallel resonant inverter is to achieve ZVS in transient intervals. This paper shows that the CSPRPI with integral cycle control method has dynamic(More)
With the increasing application of Induction Heating (IH) systems in various industries such as metallurgy, concerns about the harmonic effects and power quality of the power grid have been involved in the problems facing network operation engineers. This paper presents two methods to improve the power quality of three phase current source induction system.(More)
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