Alireza Nafarieh

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This paper elaborates on the development of a wireless network testbed to measure the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) in different environments, as the first step for the application of fingerprinting-type localization algorithms of wireless LAN devices. Specifically, in the localization algorithm to the closest previously mapped sets of(More)
"Satisfying customers' traffic engineering connection requests is one of the biggest challenges of today's service providers. However, routing mechanisms which only consider service level specifications as the path selection criteria may not be aware of energy consumption and Co2 emission rate of the routed paths. This can generate huge Co2 emissions and(More)
The paper presents a priority-aware algorithm to preserve higher priority requests over optical mesh networks. The paper discusses an algorithm to improve resource utilization and availability performance of shared mesh optical networks. The algorithm benefits from service level agreement (SLA) parameters negotiation to further reduce the blocking rate,(More)
Personalized security in E-banking is an important issue for many individuals and companies that are looking for achieving the proper level of security. The cloud environment is a suitable infrastructure to implement personalized security mechanisms for many big companies such as banks. Employing mandatory access controls boosts the security of E-banking to(More)
Software defined networking (SDN) is an emerging approach to handle data forwarding and control separately. The notion of programmability has central importance in SDN. Two implementation strategies; proprietary and open source, are shaping the trends of the adoptability of SDN by major hardware manufacturers. A group of leading vendors believes that loose(More)