Alireza Mokhtari

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This study conducted to determined aflatoxin M in raw milk. Aflatoxins are carcinogenic and toxic 1 which is a secondary metabolic product of some Aspergillus spp. Aflatoxin M has discovered in the milk of 1 animals that have consumed feed contaminated with aflatoxins B . Afloatoxin M is relatively stable during milk 1 1 pasteurization and storage as well(More)
This paper describes a biologically motivated approach, using Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM), to build a high-level self-organizing visual system for a soccer bot. Meanwhile it presents two unsupervised online learning algorithms for temporal patterns in HTMs. The algorithms were implemented in a simulated soccer bot for a real-world evaluation. After a(More)
Drugs used in animal farms can affect the public health because of their trace in edible animal tissues. Antibiotics are an integral part of treatment in many infectious diseases. They are widely used therapeutically, as growth promoters and to prevent infection in animals (1). After systemic or intrammamry administration of antibiotics in animal ,(More)
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