Alireza Mohamad Shahri

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—Fuzzy controllers are potential candidates for the control of nonlinear, time variant and also complicated systems. Anti lock brake system (ABS) which is a nonlinear system, may not be easily controlled by classical control methods. An intelligent Fuzzy control method is very useful for this kind of nonlinear system. A typical antilock brake system (ABS)(More)
In this paper attitude and altitude of a quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is stabilized by Decentralized Adaptive control scheme. Parametric uncertainty beside unmodeled dynamics are two main factors that cause the control of this mechanical underactuated nonlinear Multi Input Multi Output (MIMO) become more challenging. Variable payloads in different(More)
One of the most challenging problems in mobile robotic is to localize the robot and simultaneously prepare a map of its environment. In this paper we have used a particle filter to solve SLAM problem in an indoor environment by using stereo vision. We have implemented this method on a mobile robot while navigating in a planar surface among landmarks which(More)
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