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Supramolecular conformation and molecular orientation was monitored during supported lipid bilayer (SLB) formation using dual polarization interferometry (DPI). DPI was shown to enable real time sensitive determination of birefringence of the lipid bilayer together with thickness or refractive index (with the other a fixed value). This approach removes(More)
The development and differentiation of complex organisms from the single fertilized egg is regulated by a variety of processes that all rely on the distribution and interaction of proteins. Despite the tight regulation of these processes with respect to temporal and spatial protein localization, exact quantification of the underlying parameters, such as(More)
BACKGROUND Vitiligo is an acquired idiopathic and polygenic disorder with progressive depigmentation of circumscribed patches. Its exact pathogenesis is unknown. The CD4 gene plays an important role in the cell-mediated immune response and its association with type 1 diabetes mellitus, which is an autoimmune disease, has been previously reported. METHODS(More)
Protein folding is often described as a search process, in which polypeptides explore different conformations to find their native structure. Molecular chaperones are known to improve folding yields by suppressing aggregation between polypeptides before this conformational search starts, as well as by rescuing misfolds after it ends. Although chaperones(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), a non-invasive, non-radiative technique, is thought to lead to cellular or even molecular resolution if optimized targeted MR contrast agents are introduced. This would allow diagnosing progressive diseases in early stages. Here, it is shown that the high binding affinity of poly(ethylene glycol)-gallol (PEG-gallol) allows(More)
PURPOSE Diabetes mellitus is an increasingly common systemic disease. Many diabetic patients seek cataract surgery for a better visual acuity. Unlike in the general population, the influence of cataract surgery on tear film function in diabetic patients remains elusive. The aim of this study was to evaluate the tear function in diabetic and nondiabetic(More)
The prevalence of ocular surface immunopathologies is enhanced in the elderly. This increased prevalence has been attributed to age-related dysregulation of innate and adaptive immune system responses. Age-related changes in ocular surface immunity have similar and distinct characteristics to those changes seen in other mucosal tissues. This mini review(More)
von Willebrand factor (VWF) multimers mediate primary adhesion and aggregation of platelets. VWF potency critically depends on multimer size, which is regulated by a feedback mechanism involving shear-induced unfolding of the VWF-A2 domain and cleavage by the metalloprotease ADAMTS-13. Here we report crystallographic and single-molecule optical tweezers(More)
Nucleic acids, like DNA and RNA, are molecules that are present in any life form. Their most notable function is to encode biological information. Why then would a physicist be interested in these molecules? As we will see, DNA is an interesting molecular tool for physicists to test and explore physical laws and theories, like the ergodic theorem 1 , the(More)
As research progresses, nanoparticles (NPs) are becoming increasingly promising tools for medical diagnostics and therapeutics. Despite this rise, their potential risks to human health, together with environmental issues, has led to increasing concerns regarding their use. As such, a comprehensive understanding of the interactions that occur at the nano-bio(More)