Alireza Keyhani

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Index terms – three-phase PWM inverters, digital signal processor (DSP), robust servomechanism control, and sliding mode control. Techniques for producing low Total Harmonic Distortion in PWM inverters (single-phase or three-phase) have been known to exist in several prior works. In the early days, the carrier-modulated PWM techniques such as the triangular(More)
Drying conditions affect the quality of dried soybean seeds. Therefore, an accurate description of the drying rate is required. In this study the finite element formulation and solution of diffusive moisture transfer equation was presented to impro ve seed drying simulation of axisymmetric bodies. The Fick's diffusive model was solved. For experiment, thin(More)
The components of a three-phase power conditioning system were modeled using the time-domain signals obtained by 'looking into' the system terminals while they are operating as components of the overall system. The overall system model was obtained by interconnecting the component models. It is shown that the model obtained adequately represents the power(More)
An analytical investigation leading to a solution for the ferroresonant jump problem in three-phase conditioning systems is presented. The solution is found through the analysis of the power-conditioning system steady-state behavior. This analysis showed that proper control of the harmonics present in an oscillatory mode can lead to the suppression of the(More)
This study is dedicated to the assessment of the possibility of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy as a source of power in modern agriculture. We examined the use of a completely sustainable agricultural mechanization system based on a renewable energy system and a battery powered, multipurpose agricultural vehicle. This assessment is based on the(More)
A finite-element-based three-dimensional field solution for the magnetically saturable chokes that are used in many industrial electronics systems is presented. The inductances computed based on the finite-element field solution are compared with the estimated nonlinear inductances from actual measurements. The results show the adequacy of the(More)
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