Alireza Keyhani

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The colour changes that occur in kiwifruit during the dry process were experimentally studied in order to determine the magnitudes of the parameters for a corresponding colour change model. The drying experiments were carried out under five air temperatures of 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80°C, air velocity of 1.0 m/s and kiwifruit slice thickness of 4 mm. The colour(More)
Drying conditions affect the quality of dried soybean seeds. Therefore, an accurate description of the drying rate is required. In this study the finite element formulation and solution of diffusive moisture transfer equation was presented to impro ve seed drying simulation of axisymmetric bodies. The Fick's diffusive model was solved. For experiment, thin(More)
This study is dedicated to the assessment of the possibility of replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy as a source of power in modern agriculture. We examined the use of a completely sustainable agricultural mechanization system based on a renewable energy system and a battery powered, multipurpose agricultural vehicle. This assessment is based on the(More)
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