Alireza Keikhosravi

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In the current study, we redescribe and revalidate a freshwater crab species of the genus Potamon Savigny, 1816, from northern Iran. Potamon elbursi Pretzmann, 1962, differs from the species it has been synonymised with, Potamon persicum Pretzmann, 1962, mainly by the shape of the first gonopods in males. Consistent and marked genetic divergence was also(More)
Atarbolana makranensis sp. n. is described from the intertidal zone of Makran along the Iranian coast of the Gulf of Oman. Atarbolana makranensis sp. n. can be recognized by the presence of a tuft of long setae on the antennal flagellum of males, elongate pleotelson with 12 robust marginal setae, pleotelson with narrowly rounded apex extending well beyond(More)
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