Alireza Kamel Mirmostafaee

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We establish a generalized Hyers–Ulam–Rassias stability theorem in the fuzzy sense. In particular, we introduce the notion of fuzzy approximate Jensen mapping and prove that if a fuzzy approximate Jensen mapping is continuous at a point, then we can approximate it by an everywhere continuous Jensen mapping. As a fuzzy version of a theorem of Schwaiger, we(More)
We approximate a fuzzy almost quadratic function by a quadratic function in a fuzzy sense. More precisely, we establish a fuzzy Hyers–Ulam–Rassias stability of the quadratic functional equation f (x + y) + f (x − y) = 2f (x) + 2f (y). Our result can be regarded as a generalization of the stability phenomenon in the framework of normed spaces. We also prove(More)
In this paper we introduce a notion of a non-Archimedean fuzzy norm and study the stability of the Cauchy equation in the context of non-Archimedean fuzzy spaces in the spirit of Hyers–Ulam–Rassias–G˘ avru¸ta. As a corollary, the stability of the Jensen equation is established. We indeed present an interdisciplinary relation between the theory of fuzzy(More)
We will define a notion for a quasi fuzzy p-normed space, then we use the fixed point alternative theorem to establish Hyers–Ulam– Rassias stability of the quartic functional equation where functions map a linear space into a complete quasi fuzzy p-normed space. Later, we will show that there exists a close relationship between the fuzzy continuity behavior(More)
We will show that if X is a tree-complete subspace of ∞ , which contains c 0 , then it does not admit any weakly midpoint locally uniformly convex renorming. It follows that such a space has no equivalent Kadec renorming. 1. Introduction. It is known that ∞ has an equivalent strictly convex renorming [2]; however, by a result due to Lindenstrauss, it cannot(More)